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This website disseminates a great deal of information regarding business management and development.

To the best of our ability, The FAMEE Foundation has attempted to provide the best, most accurate information possible. Regardless, of this however, is that the bottom line is that....


Nothing in this site reduces your personal obligation to understand your business, your markets, your products, your technology, your competitors, your customers, your employees, your financial situation, trends in your industry, and any other individual information relevant to your business. The information provided on this website is GENERAL in nature and must be considered in relation to your individual business circumstances. Information of this matter changes regularly and does not always produce consistently predictable results. Visitors who access this information from The FAMEE Foundation must assimilate this information and make their own decisions.

There are no guarantees or warranties - explicit or implied - associated with this website regarding the use of individual business strategies, tactics, companies, services, or other ideas. Like any source of information, the learner must assimilate the information provided here, make an assessment of its validity, and determine the appropriate application to their unique, individual circumstances.

Stories, illustrations, case studies or examples are provided in many of the programs. Inclusion of these examples does not promise the exact results in any other business or organization. Businesses and other organizations can be extremely unpredictable and similar actions often create dramatically different outcomes. Any individual who accesses the programs, materials, learning courses, and guidance from are completely responsible for the actions they take in managing their business, regardless of the presence or lack of presence of any information provided by The FAMEE Foundation or affiliated organizations on this website (

In the instance where you purchase information from an affiliate program, or any other company on the FAMEE website, but not associated with The FAMEE Foundation, the website ( or The FAMEE Foundation makes no claims, warranties, or guarantees regarding the performance of said organizations or individuals. Purchases with these external companies will be governed by any purchasing policies associated with those companies and are not guaranteed in any way by The FAMEE Foundation.

In no circumstances will The FAMEE Foundation be liable for any damages exceeding the amount paid by that member to The FAMEE Foundation. Specifically, if a FAMEE member accesses learning tools at no cost, the Foundation will not be liable for any loss, monetary or otherwise.

Any questions regarding this policy may be directed via email to

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