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Small Business Marketing Tools for Entrepreneurs

We are excited to announce our new partnership with The Profit Think Tank. Look to see the FAMEE / Customer Pillars materials available there soon!

The Foundation for the Advancement of Marketing Excellence in Entrepreneurs is proud to offer an extensive array of resources to help small and medium sized companies improve how they grow profitable, sustainable, long-term customer revenue steams - the lifeblood of every company!

We do this by providing free resources, training programs, and guidance to both entrepreneurs and consultants. We believe these valuable training programs will help small businesses address key marketing and business development challenges and grow their firms. Thank you for visiting this website and please take some time to explore our many tools.

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"The friendly, logical style of the course teacher immediately put me at ease. He seemed to be speaking just to a friend and confidant. Instead of lecturing in terms that went over my head, I was able to understand 100% of the points in this course. I have already achieved results one week after the session. Thank you!"
- Recent participant in our "Recession Marketing" course.

Recession Marketing Tips
Marketing Primer for Startups
Implementation Training Program
Customer Pillars - Chapter a Week
The 14 Day Quick Marketing Plan
Revenue Growth Goals Worksheet
Customer Pillars - Overview List
Grading Your Competitive Edge
Quick Start Consultant Training
Consultant Implementation Training
Marketing Consultant Certification
Workshops You Can Conduct
Ways To Promote The Foundation
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