Automatic Follow Up - A 7 Day Course from The FAMEE Foundation

It's Sales 101 to say that follow up is an important part of the sales process. In marketing, timing is everything; and its rare when you catch the customer at exactly the right time.

Thus, regular and repeated follow up is a vitally important aspect of every serious marketing effort. But who has the time, the money, and the organization to do it right?

There's an alternative! In this quick 7 day email course, sales automation expert, Mike Saunders, guides you through the process of using technology to automate critical parts of your marketing follow up. Save time, reduce costs, and make more sales!

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Cost of this Course: From others .... $15 - $60. From FAMEE: Registration is FREE!
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How to automate key parts of your follow up and greatly increase your sales results.
Simple, inexpensive technology to leverage this effort.
How to get customers to "opt in" to your follow up efforts and give you their email address
Tips and tricks to make automation look more personalized



Mike is a sales and marketing veteran and "head coach" of the Marketing Huddle. As a sales pro, he earned many recognitions including top national sales awards. Mike combines his knowledge of sales with technology tools to guide entrepreneurs to greater success.

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