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The 9 pillars of this marketing system

The "story behind the story" with the videos provided by the author with each chapter

How to take control of your business development destiny and grow long-term, profitable customer revenue streams
The common marketing mistakes made by small and medium sized business owners and how to avoid them
The logic behind these fundamental "pillars" including multiple subsytems for easy understanding and implementation

  Curt Clinkinbeard is a marketing consultant and author of the CUSTOMER PILLARS program and this course. He is the Executive Director of The FAMEE Foundation.



"Marketing isn't just an art. It's also a science. And in this book, Curt Clinkinbeard gives us a tour of the laboratory. By demystifying this process, he's provided a huge service to free agents who will find his systematic guide timely, practical and wise."
- Daniel Pink, author, Free Agent Nation

"His approach facilitates the client getting his arms around the root causes, leading to effective execution of best viable solutions. By far, this workshop may well be the most effective business solution workshop I have attended in the last 10 years."
- Joe Lam, Business Consultant, Austin, TX

"CUSTOMER PILLARS is like a roadmap for small business owners. You don't need an MBA to understand this straightforward approach to business management."
- Ann Mah, Former National President, American Business Women's Association (ABWA)

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