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Small Business Marketing Consultant Certification

The FAMEE Foundation offers an in-depth certification program for consultants who work with entrepreneurs. The programs are geared toward the not-for-profit environment, but are open to any consultant who serves entrepreneurs.

The certification program is designed to incorporate into the normal work of a business consultant and not require excessive outside study. However, the goal is to provide a certification program with some "teeth" in it - in other words, it is more than a token piece of paper. Our goal is to provide the preeminent standard for small business marketing consultant certification.

The program is also designed so the consultant can advance through the levels at their own pace. Taking on this program - even at a very slow pace - will build this concept of progression into the consultant's approach.

The Certified Marketing Advisor program has 5 levels of accomplishment:

* Certified Marketing Advisor In Training (CMA Trainee)
* Certified Marketing Advisor I (CMA1)
* Certified Marketing Advisor II (CMA2)
* Certified Expert Marketing Advisor I (CEMA1)
* Certified Expert Marketing Advisor II (CEMA2)

Advancement through the various levels will be based on the following things:

* Participating in FAMEE consultant self-study programs
* Reading marketing books
* Tracking client consultation with the program
* Writing articles / reports
* Advocacy projects
* A written test

The annual value of this consultant certification program is valued at $195, but is included at NO COST with your free FAMEE consultant membership.

Click here to see the detailed list of items to progress through each certification level.

Please contact us at for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a SELF-STUDY program. Click the link above to access the spreadsheets which guide you through this program. However, there is no phone or email support for this program (at this time...maybe later). Nor is there an official certificate of completion (at this time... maybe later.) At present, we have published a cool program to learn marketing consulting and a systematic approach for its completion. Do what we will suggest, and you will learn the process of marketing consulting. It is, however, not a formal program with detailed support. (Such a program would cost big bucks, and you can access all thes materials without any upfront cost.) Please respect that this is what the program is - and is not.


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Consultant comments on the CUSTOMER PILLARS program and consultant training from Curt Clinkinbeard,,,,

"You have really taken marketing a business to a new level. This was the best training our SBDC (small business) counselors have received in years. You have taken a very complex subject and broken it down into manageable steps. I was very impressed with your enthusiasm and desire to share your ideas. However, what I like best is your passion for helping small businesses!"

- Larry Ellis, Del Mar College SBDC, TX

"I have been amazed that following every session I find myself drawing on what I learned in that lesson with the very next client that comes to see me. Your system is effective and very worthwhile. Thanks for your very practical explanation of a very complex process."

- Niall B. Finnegan, Consultant Hampton Roads, VA SBDC

"What a practical, well organized and refreshing approach to marketing. Very helpful in providing more meaningful counseling to our clients!"

Jim Lees, Small Business Consultant, Jamestown, ND


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