Marketing Consultant Implementation Training Program

This course provides a deeper understanding, both of the CUSTOMER PILLARS system, but also how to use it and the tools from The FAMEE Foundation with your clients. We are confident you will gain a great deal from this course. The goal is to take you through the entire book and workbook to get a deeper understanding and, more importantly, that you begin using the materials with clients.

The course also helps you engage clients in the discussion. You will learn significantly more and faster if you take the book learning and see them alive in real client situations. You do not have to "master" the materials (or complete the training) to have consulting discussions. In fact, the only ways to get better with the materials is to see them through the eyes of individual clients. This course prepares and guides you to do just this.


"I'm quite impressed with the CUSTOMER PILLARS system. It outlines, in understandable terms, very practical ways for a business to integrate activities in 9 different areas to provide for continual growth. The theory quickly gets down to implementation with the exercises and worksheets to help someone put the principles in place. It's applicable in practically every business. You've done a great service for counselors and business owners."
- Reed Kennedy, Business Consultant, VA

Cost of this Course: From others .... $90 to $600. From FAMEE .... REGISTRATION IS FREE! Consider making a donation to support our cause. Suggested minimuml, voluntary donaton is $15. Click here to see what we mean by this.

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"The CUSTOMER PILLARS are comprehensive, straight forward, easy to follow and apply and absolutely essential for all businesses in planning for profitable growth."
- Bob Thiele, Business Consultant, GA

"These materials are great to use with clients who are subject matter experts but have not yet determined the customer or marketing aspects of their business, whether a nascent entrepreneur or a mature business wondering where to find clients that will take them to the next level."
- Holly Hansen, Business Consultant, IL

An in-depth understanding around the primary consulting program from The FAMEE Foundation

How to engage clients in discussions about marketing - and how to assess if they need assistance here (they might not even know themselves!)

Excellent understanding - and the consulting ramifications - of each of the nine CUSTOMER PILLARS
An understanding of the competencies we believe are important to be a GREAT marketing consultant - a coaching on how to get there
How you can start consulting around marketing RIGHT NOW - even if you are not an expert at marketing (the tools we provide helps accomplish this!)

  Curt Clinkinbeard is a marketing consultant and author of the CUSTOMER PILLARS program and this course. He is the Executive Director of The FAMEE Foundation.


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