Marketing Tools & Downloads
The following tools can be downloaded as significant aids to improving your marketing knowledge, and more importantly, helping you apply the materials to your business. Many of the exercises below are also part of the comprehensive CUSTOMER PILLARS workbook, which can also be downloaded below.

CUSTOMER PILLARS BOOK - Download the complete 274 page book by clicking here.

CUSTOMER PILLARS WORKBOOK - Download the complete 351 page workbook by clicking here.

INTRO - The Revenues Growth Goals Worksheet - Excellent for identifying where you are and where you want to go. Being specific about what you want is a critical step to making that happen. PDF

INTRO - The CUSTOMER PILLARS - Worksheet has a 1 page overview of the pillars. Also contains a 2 page overview which gives a paragraph explanation of each pillar. PDF

PILLAR 3 - Discounts and Volume Requirements To Maintain Margins Spreadsheet - If you lower prices you will need to increase your volume (number of units sold) just to make the same profit. This worksheet does the math. EXCEL

PILLAR 5 - SWOT Analysis Worksheet - The classic planning tool for "Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats." Super to use with evaluating competitors, as well as other management issues. WORD or PDF

PILLAR 5 - Grading the Competitive Edge Worksheet - Helps give you a score on the strength of your competitive edge from 1 to 100. PDF

PILLAR 6 - Common Customer Messages Worksheet - Many marketing messages fit into common themes. Here they are. This can assist with developing stronger messages. PDF

PILLAR 6 - Methods to Deliver Messages - A master list of many of the different ways to deliver marketing messages. PDF

PILLAR 6 - Power Words Worksheet - When constructing marketing messages, use the power words listed in this handout. PDF

PILLAR 9 - Mindmap Worksheet - A simple mindmap worksheet. A great planning tool. PDF

PILLAR 9 - The Mid Year Marketing Checkup - July 1 represents the halfway point of each calendar year. Often at this time it makes sense to step back and reflect on the progress. WORD

PILLAR 9 - The Mid Year Marketing Worksheet - Here is an awesome one page worksheet to review your mid year progress and reassess your goals, obstacles, and resources needed. PDF

PILLAR 9 - Marketing Plan Template - Need a quick download of a marketing plan template? Here it is. WORD or TXT

PILLAR 9 - Marketing Mindmaps - Here is an amazing overview of the marketing process, all in 6 pages of mindmaps. This is clearly the "table of contents" for marketing strategy and is a full blown outline of the CUSTOMER PILLARS process. A super tool to use if you are going through any of the CUSTOMER PILLARS programs. PDF

Want to see a tool here that is not? Email us. We will try to get something posted.

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