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Marketing Programs for Entrepreneurs


FAMEE exists for entrepreneurs and managers of small-to-medium sized organizations.

We provide ongoing support and lifetime learning opportunities to entrepreneurs by fostering excellence in the realm of marketing and customer management. Becoming a member and accessing all of the learning programs has no required cost.

Creating and growing strong, profitable revenue steams from satisfied customers has benefits that reach well beyond the entrepreneur and their family to employees, vendors, lenders, suppliers, and communities.

FAMEE Entrepreneur free offerings include:

* A systematic approach to small business marketing

* The CUSTOMER PILLARS book (electronic version) and implementation workbook (E-version)

  * Training for business consultants who assist entrepreneurs

* Web-based self-study programs to teach small business owners marketing processes

* Web-based files and downloadable tools

* An online forum for discussion around entrepreneurial marketing topics

All benefits are included at no cost with our free membership. The tools are there for you; take advantage of them!

Please contact us at for more information.

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