Free Marketing Assistance to Entrepreneurs - Our Unique Approach

There is no cost required to become a member in The FAMEE Foundation or to access our small business marketing tools and electronic courses. As you look around the site, you will see there are an incredibly large number of valuable programs available, programs that would cost hundreds of dollars (or more) in many other settings. We give away a lot more than many charge handsomely for.

How can we do that?

We get that question a lot, but be assured there are no strings or hidden agendas.

Because our programs are delivered electronically and take advantage of important software developments, we are able to deliver information at a significantly reduced cost. Other methods of sharing information are much more costly, and we pass those savings on to you.

While there is no cost to access our learning programs, we do ask members to consider being a donor to the program. The FAMEE Foundation is a 501c3 approved by the IRS, and like most not-for-profits does solicit donations. These are voluntary, however, and not required to participate in our learning programs. (It may sound Pollyanna, but we believe that if we help people, they will also want to help us continue to do that.)

Another way we are able to offer such programs for free is the "store" section of the website (under "support us"), where we make additional programs available for sale or for free with a certain donation level. Often we equate this to the gift shops you commonly see at museums as an additional way to support that organization.

(For instance, your free membership includes the electronic - pdf - version of the CUSTOMER PILLARS book and workbook. If you would like a printed copy of both books, you can get them as our gift to you with a $60 donation. Visit the store to learn more.)

Finally, we do actively solicit donations from other foundations and successful entrepreneur looking to "give back" to the community and to entrepeneurship. These generous donation are critical to our organization. If you are a potential large donor for the program or know of one, please visit our donation page.

Please contact us at for more information.


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