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Large Donor Program - The "Friends of FAMEE" Initiative

It is widely regarded that small businesses form the backbone of our economy. At the individual business level, perhaps no one skill is as important as learning how to cultivate healthy, long-term, profitable revenue streams.

When an entrepreneur succeeds at generating excellent customer revenue streams, they are able to:

* expand their company,
* repay business loans,
* purchase more from their vendors,
* hire new employees
* better serve their customers, positively impacting the service they provide,
* bring important, life changing innovations to the marketplace,
* realize personal goals and achieve important personal growth,
* add to their communities,
* create personal wealth and perpetuate the process of giving back.

Given the importance of this, one would assume the number of resources available to assist entrepreneurs with marketing (the process of cultivating customer relationships), would be plentiful. However, they are not. The Foundation for the Advancement of Marketing Excellence in Entrepreneurs (FAMEE) is an important organization with extremely worthy goals.

We do need assistance, however. We are tackling a "big" challenge which exceeds our current "grass roots" level of financing. Assistance from foundations, corporations, and successful entrepreneurs is vital. We appreciate your looking into our program.

For more information about becoming a "Friend of FAMEE" donor, please contact us at or call 785-554-3050. Thank you very much.

If you would like to make a donation via credit card or Paypal, you can click the icon below.

  Donate in any dollar amount - Anything you can provide us helps! Thank you!

What is The FAMEE Foundation all about?

Click here to download a one page overview of the foundation.

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