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Putting Marketing Concepts to Work - Implementation Program

We are pleased you are interested in participating in the 26 Week Client Implementation Training program.

This course walks you through the CUSTOMER PILLARS system for developing better marketing and customer management. We believe this program will improve your approach to customers, your revenue streams, and your profitability. So congratulations for taking it!

The devil is in the details. And as a busy business professional, you don't have the ability to block days to time to learn the whole process. (Even if you did, the material is better absorbed over the time.) In this course, we take approximately 10 reading pages per week and a few exercises in the workbook. Get into the details necessary to help you master these principles and grow your business!

THE KEY TO THIS PROGRAM is not just reading and understanding the concepts, but putting the ideas into motion and practical use in your business. Profit from these concepts!

This program consists of a series of 26 emails delivered each week Use the form to the right to register. Each week contains a reading assignment, workbook exercises, and a short audio/video segment from the author.


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Cost of this Course: From others .... $100 to $800. (This is a "meaty" course!)
From FAMEE .... FREE! Consider making a donation to support our cause.
Suggested voluntary donation is $15. Click here to see what we mean by this.

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This course utilizes the CUSTOMER PILLARS book and workbook.

Click here to download the ebook.

Click here to download the workbook.

EVEN BETTER, make a $60 donation to the foundation and we will send you printed copies of the book AND workbook. By far the best way to take the course!


A full marketing system based on growing profitable customer revenue streams

A key mindset regarding customer management - on that can guide the remainder of your career

Not only about the concepts, but how to put them into practical use in your business - exercises and consulting questions are posed to give the material real world application
The nine fundamental marketing pillars found in this book and workbook system - and how to apply them in your business
The thought patterns used by successful marketing VP and consultants

  Curt Clinkinbeard is a marketing consultant and author of the CUSTOMER PILLARS program and this course. He is the Executive Director of The FAMEE Foundation.


"The case studies and Curt's personal reflections on his grandfather's business gives you the tools and ideas you need to be successful. I have reread several of the chapters and each time garner more insight into how to grow my business."

"Gusto in marketing! This is what Curt Clinkinbeard can help your small business achieve. He is especially gifted at helping clarify and define the processes to implement to grow a business."

You have really taken marketing a business to a new level. This was the best training our consultants have received in years. You have taken a very complex subject and broken it down into manageable steps."

The book, is well written, easy reading and filled with examples that explain the concepts. The workbook is a great addition, providing a place to do more than merely think about the subject. Sometimes we learn as much by doing as by reading. Your approach provides the guidance to do both."

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