Promote the Benefits of The FAMEE Foundation

Knowledge of the small business marketing program from The FAMEE Foundation is great, but the real power comes into play when you connect entrepreneurs to the materials and integrate them into your consulting and training. This, ultimately, was the purpose of their design and enables you, regardless of your personal background in marketing, to assist clients with profitably growing their customer revenue streams.

Here are the way you can educate your clients and spread the word.....

1. Read the CUSTOMER PILLARS book and workbook, study and take the electronic courses, understand the download resources, and, generally, be knowledgeable about our offering. The more you know about what we do the more you can discuss this with clients.

2. Integrate the materials into your consulting discussions and training. They were constructed with this purpose in mind and we have made it VERY easy for you to do this.

3. Link to our website from yours. Feel free to link to our homepage at, or to any of the individual courses, or download pages directly. Please just provide a description and credit to our organization. Click here for linking suggestions, examples, and banner ads. No business resources page would be complete without a link to FAMEE!

Also note: you do not need to contact us about permission to do this - we designed the site with the intention that consulting organizations would link here. Feel free to drop us a quick email at when you link, this will be sufficient.

Note 2: if you are interested, we can even provide the forms to where you can have clients sign up for our courses and the book downloads directly from your website. This is a little more involved, but if you are interested, please email

4. Handout materials about the foundation. Do you have a welcome packet? Do you provide handouts at workshops? If yes, include printed materials from The FAMEE Foundation. We have some downloads below. We also have some printed materials we can send you for a small donation to help cover our printing and postage costs. All of the downloads are in color, but should reproduce just fine in black and white copies and are approved for distribution in black and white only.

* Download our tri-fold brochure - side 1 (PDF) - Note: all of these files are in color, but can be reproduced B/W
* Download our tri-fold brochure - side 2 (PDF)
* Download a 1-sheet FAMEE sell sheet (PDF)
* Download our 2-UP FAMEE sell sheet (PDF)
* Download our 3-UP FAMEE sell sheet (PDF)
* Download our business card sheet (PDF)

* Click here to order 200 business cards for a $15 donation. (Includes shipping in the continental US.)
* Click here to order 100 tri-fold brochures for a $15 donation. (Includes shipping in the continental US.)

5. A great way to let people know about the foundation and its materials is to host a workshop. We provide you all the tools to do so. Click here to learn more about our marketing workshops.

6. And finally, encourage donations. As you can see from the site, we offer a tremendous amount of free materials to our members and can bring a great deal to your clients. We don't want to turn you into fundraisers, but if please do not discourage donations or tell people it is not important. If you say anything, simply indicate we do ask for voluntary donations and the client can choose how they wish to handle that. However, no donations are required to access the materials.

Please contact us at for more information. If you would like to promote the foundation and its programs and we have not provided a particular tool you would like to have, please let us know. We can likely prepare something for you.



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