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Writing A Marketing Plan - The Quick Way

We are pleased you are interested in participating in the 14 Day Quick Marketing Plan.

Need a marketing plan, but don't want to spend six months doing it? Take a short planning exercise each day for 14 days and you will wrap up the session with a Quick Marketing Plan. We don't propose this is the only marketing work you will ever need to do, but it gets you a great - and FAST - start!

This course helps complete a "quick" marketing plan. The daily emails provide a link to a WORD file which will be used to construct an actual (though abbreviated) marketing plan in 14 days. Perfect as an introductory way to begin working on implementing the nine CUSTOMER PILLARS found in the FAMEE system.

This program consists of a series of 14 short emails delivered each day. Use the form to the right to register.


Cost of this Course: From others .... $15 to $60. From FAMEE .... REGISTRATION IS FREE! Consider making a donation to support our cause. Suggested voluntary donaton is $15. Click here to see what we mean by this.

THANK YOU!!For more information, contact us at





"Curt takes common sense business growth techniques and puts them into words and makes you think about them in ways that are easily understood and so that businesses can comprehend them."

- Kim Murrary, Business Consultant, ND




The process of writing a quick marketing plan

An overview of the CUSTOMER PILLARS system - the way marketing VPs think!

A systematic process for getting your key marketing ideas out of your head and out onto paper
An organized approach to mapping out your key marketing issues, opportunities, and challenges
At the end, you will have a written plan

  Curt Clinkinbeard is a marketing consultant and author of the CUSTOMER PILLARS program and this course. He is the Executive Director of The FAMEE Foundation.


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