Marketing in a Recession - 10 Day Course from The FAMEE Foundation

When times get tough, entrepreneurs and companies get nervous. And rightfully so, navigating the waters of an economic downturn or recession is not for the faint of heart. At a time like this, your business needs you to in top form to lead it through turbulent waters.

A significant part of succeeding here is knowing some of the common mistakes companies make during tough times and avoid them. In some ways the mindset of the entrepreneur has as much to do with the approach as the "nuts and bolts" strategies - this course addresses both.

"8 Marketing Tips for Recession Stressed Entrepreneurs" was developed in December 2008, shortly after the United States economy was declared as "in a recession." The course is FREE and includes 10 short emails delivered over 10 consecutive days. The first email contains a detailed outline of the course, so you will have the "notes" in advance. Each email includes a brief tip and a 6-12 minute audio/video segment to explain the concept in more detail.


The goal is to provide you meaningful tips and encouragement to make better marketing decisions in times when the economy is not performing well.

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Cost of this Course: From others .... $15 to $60. From FAMEE .... REGISTRATION IS FREE! Consider making a donation to support our cause. Suggested voluntary donation is $15. Click here to see what we mean by this.


"I like the daily video idea- short and helpful."

"The friendly, logical style of the course teacher immediately put me at ease. He seemed to be speaking just to a friend and confidant. Instead of lecturing in terms that went over my head, I was able to understand 100% of the points in this course. I have already achieved results one week after the session. Thank you!"

"The training stayed on my mind and was in small enough increments that I was able to consume the information with little delay to my current work responsibilities."

"Great course - Great format! It provided me with practical tips and useful information to use myself and share with others."


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Strategies to maneuver a business through a recession
Key marketing mistakes companies make in bad times - and how to avoid them
Why some of the most common pricing approaches can actually hurt you
Did you know that recessions typically create opportunities? The course shows where
Important reasons why to keep a positive outlook

  Curt Clinkinbeard is a marketing consultant and author of the CUSTOMER PILLARS program and this course. He is the Executive Director of The FAMEE Foundation.


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