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Marketing Advice for Starting a Business

New to business? Thinking about starting a business? This is a series of 31 short emails on consecutive day which help introduce you to important marketing concepts and theories associated with excellence in entrepreneurial marketing. Building solid streams of profitable customer revenues is always harder than it seems like it should be - especially early on! This course helps put you on the right track.

Getting a business open is a lot of work. But truthfully, the difference between opening a business and successfully growing one is a lot harder than it looks. In fact, as soon as the business starts, the key thing is to generate enough profitable revenue streams to ensure the business can support itself. The most commonly cited reason that small businesses fails is "lack of capital," but could more aptly be called "profitable revenues did not ramp up before the capital ran out." So, it's more than a casual issue; it is critical.

This course walks you gaining a strong understanding of marketing and how growing profitable revenue streams will be one of the most important elements of making your new business - or the company you are planning to start - successful.


This program consists of a series of 31 short emails delivered each day. Use the form to the right to register.

Cost of this Course: From others .... $15 to $60. From FAMEE .... REGISTRATION IS FREE! Consider making a donation to support our cause. Suggested minimum, voluntary donation is $5. Click here to see exactly what we mean by this.

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"Keeps it simple while also providing vital information for the growth of any small business. For me as a small business owner, the information and materials were and are a homerun."

- San Antonio, TX

"Brings common sense information together in an uncommon way. It is going to make a difference in my business!"
- Newport, OR

"Shines a bright light on the logic path and gives a specific system for business success. No question, a very large number of companies can benefit from that illumination."
- New York, NY

Common marketing pitfalls that startups fall victim to - and how to avoid them

A great definition of marketing and how to make that concept work FOR you in your business

How to respond to all of the people who want to sell you marketing services when you open
A powerful mindset to put you in the best frame of mind to grow your business
An overview to the marketing system presented in the CUSTOMER PILLARS system
How analyze your competition, your pricing, and your communications approaches

  Curt Clinkinbeard is a marketing consultant and author of the CUSTOMER PILLARS program and this course. He is the Executive Director of The FAMEE Foundation.

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