State Directors - Great Volunteer Opportunity with The FAMEE Foundation

We are looking for passionate advocates of our program to serve as a volunteer state directors in each state (and, similarly, in foreign countries as well!) Please study our foundation very carefully and our mission to serve entrepreneurs with small business marketing assistance. If you see this as an important mission and are willing to dedicate a bit of time to support our development activities, it would be greatly appreciated, we hope you will apply (see below).

Some of the duties you could assist us with would include:

* Blog on behalf of the foundation - either directly writing or editing articles

* Working the social media / community websites - participate in groups / forums on behalf of the foundation

* Write book / product reviews

* Contact the following economic / entrepreneurial development people in your state, including

o Chambers of Commerce
o Women Business Centers
o Manufacturing Extension Partnerships
o Rural Business Development Programs
o Minority Development Programs
o Business Incubators
o Economic development organizations

* Helping obtain website links from business resources websites

* Develop and participate in publicity / PR related events on behalf of the foundation

* Contact professors and other educators regarding our educational programs


* Participate in letter writing campaigns to senators, legislators and other government entities to make them aware of our activities (we do not, however, attempt to influence legislation)

* Research donor opportunities the foundation may qualify for

* Generally, assist director of development with projects they might request of you

While not required, this is IDEAL for an SBDC or economic development person who knows the entrepreneurial / economic development "players" in their state.

We would ask the person be willing to invest 8+ hours per month in volunteer time and participate in a monthly conference call. A great thing about this effort is that most activities can take place outside of normal work hours, thus making it easier to allocate the volunteer time.

To apply, email your resume, and a 150 word explanation of why you wish to participate as a state director for The FAMEE Foundation. Email to THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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