Why Donate to The FAMEE Foundation?

Are the programs free or is there a donation required?

It is key for you to understand that our programs have a completely free registration. We offer programs that would cost hundreds of dollars (or more) from others at no registration cost.

We do ask our members to consider making a voluntary donation. We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and we do rely on member donations to make these programs available and to expand our offerring. In addition, we are a "grassroots" organization with very humble beginnings. Help at this time in our foundation is extremely important.

While donations are encouraged, they are not required to participate in our programs.

Here are some answers to some important questions

What is the goal of the FAMEE Foundation?
Our goal is to provide free resources, training programs, and guidance to entrepreneurs and their consultants to grow profitable, sustainable, long-term customer revenue steams - the lifeblood of every company!

We offer valuable programs that would cost hundreds of dollars (or more) in many other settings. Donations are voluntary, however, and not required to participate in our learning programs.

Why are our programs free?
We believe so deeply in our mission to help small businesses and the economic development of their communities that it is not an option to make programs inaccessible through high pricing.

Who are we?
We are a grassroots, 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization born from the passion of a former SBDC consultant/Center Director based on his recognition that entrepreneurs have a very real need for high quality marketing training at little or not cost.

What is your donation used for?
We run our start-up foundation on a shoestring budget utilizing the invaluable help of volunteers and low-cost internet technology but, we're always creating new marketing education programs while looking for ways to reach our goals of helping entrepreneurs grow positive, profitable, and growing revenue streams.

Do you really need this help?
We wish we could tell you that we do not. The reality is that we very much need member support to offer these programs and move the foundation forward. We do very much need the help of every member.

Why should you consider donating?
Consider the value you have already received from just visiting our website, getting our newsletters, or taking one of our many e-courses. If you've noticed, you should be getting a LOT of lifetime learning about marketing and increasing the revenue in your / your clients' businesses.

Donating is "tipping" us for the good services you've received.
Donating is saying "Thank You" for all you have learned (for free) so far.
Donating is "paying it forward" - helping when others are struggling more than you and truly can't donate yet require the support and knowledge
FAMEE offers to sustain and grow their business.

Donating is investing in future FAMEE Foundation programs from which you will benefit.

What if I cant make a donation?
First of all, we accept donations as small as $5. Next, if you cannot make a donation, we still hope you will take our courses. We have to ask for donations, but would never want anyone to NOT participate just becuase they cannot donate. (In a way, this is a little bit like church!) Also, consider volunteering. See below.

Considering FAMEE Volunteer Opportunity?- If you have more time than cash to offer? Send me an email and tell me how you want to help, contact us at volunteers@famee.org or click here.

Click here to donate $5

For "less than lunch", you can help us out.

Click here to donate $15
In most settings, any of our individual courses or downloads would cost more than $15.

Click here to donate $25
Get a FREE copy of the CUSTOMER PILLARS book with this donation*.

Click here to donate $60
Get a FREE copy of both the CUSTOMER PILLARS book and workbook program*.

Click here to donate in any dollar amount
Anything you can provide us helps! Thank you!

* Donations with the free books include free shipping in the continental US. International orders will be charged exact shipment. We will contact you for more details. To learn more about the CUSTOMER PILLARS book and workbook, click here.

We utilize PayPal as our merchant account. You can pay through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. THANK YOU!

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